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Our Team


                            Meet our Sound On Set team and find out a little bit about us and why we love what we do! Check                                 out some of our pictures HERE!

Pablo Diez Casajuana​
Sound Mixer IMDB
+1 347.471.3461

Pablo was born in Madrid, Spain and relocated to NYC in 2008. 


With more than 10 years of experience in the sound field as studio engineer, sound editor and music producer, capturing great sound is truly his passion.



His love for all things audio is inspired from a wide range of projects, including instrumentals as well as underground singers and bands. He has also assisted in producing Albums, Mix Tapes, Singles and Re-mixed songs for labels like Universal Records and EMI.


Pablo is also part of a car racing team which is a custom car prototype made in the north of Spain. Traveling to race over America has become one of his passions whenever he is not on a project and of course we count with hundreds of recordings for different types of racing cars! 



Pablo's work experience as a location sound recordist includes a variety of professional work credits for Feature Length Films, Reality TV, Documentaries, Broadcast Advertisements, Web Spots, and ENG.

Alberto Leon​
Sound Mixer -IMDB
Alberto was born in Madrid, Spain and relocated to NYC in 2009. 


Alberto is a great filmmaker as well as sound mixer and loves to meet new people on set. He provides the production with audio that not only meets their criteria, but exceeds their expectations.


In a world that's so heavily and sometimes solely, reliant on technology there is certain skills to be exceptionally valuable in this field. like being a team player, but equally valuable, he feels, is his belief that challenges are only overcome if you embrace solutions, and as a production sound mixer for motion picture and television, he is often presented with an array of unexpected challenges on a daily basis.


Alberto,  has worked from the TV show "La Voz"; "The Voice" in Spain, to documentaries around Europe and south America, as well as featured films and commercial spots.


Juan Bertran
Sound Mixer - IMDB
+1 347.653.2620


Juan was born in Madrid, Spain and relocated to NYC in 2008. 


Juan's love for sound stemmed from music and few people are aware that he played violin for over 15 years. In 2008 he moved from Madrid to NYC to study production and specilize as a Sound Mixer and Producer.



Juan is a talented and experienced location sound recordist. Known for his documentary work , he is equipped with the latest in location sound recording technology,  


He has recorded sound all over the world, from the Uyuni Salt dessert in Bolivia to the streets of Johanesburg, South Africa as well as all over North America and part of India. and Philipines, 


He truly understands the business of production and sound. Several of his projects have been recognized at film festivals such as Sundance, Berlin International Film Festival, SXSW and Cannes.





Jack Flachsbart​
Sound Mixer - IMDB

Jack was born in Connecticut, USA and relocated to NYC in 2009. 


Jack's interest for audio emerged from his childhood. Experienced guitar and bass player involved in the music scene with bands and groups. In 2009 he moved from Connecticut to NYC to formerly become a studio engineer. His experience ranges from studio recordings to live sound mixer for Broadway shows. 


- "I love the challenges presented on different locations when I travel. However, they only make me better at what I do, as finding solutions for them is what drives me to think critically and unconventionally, or as some would say, "beyond the box"" 



Jack was also a teacher at the Institute of Audio Research that pursued his career as a location sound mixer becoming part of the Sound On Set family.


Besides live sound mixing for theater and concerts, Jack has been involved in several documentaries traveling the United States, featured films, corporate videos,  commercials and everything in between for brands such as CocaCola, Pandora or LG



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